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How we work

We have created a number of ways you can work with us, depending on your needs.

On-Line Personal Breakthrough Course7 Steps to Conscious Health Practice

Now you can take your time and progress through the & Steps to Conscious Health in your own time, with my support and the support of the online community.

Please visit our on-line workshop for more details at

4 Day Personal Breakthrough Workshop 7 Steps to Conscious Health Practice

Our ‘signature’ offering is our specially developed 4 day Conscious Health Practice™ workshop.

This is designed as an intense but gently unfolding personal discovery and enlightenment workshop.

For more information please watch this Introductory Webinar and go to for latest dates and booking.

Client 1:1 Discovery and Breakthrough Sessions

Sam sees private clients at her practice at the Westlake Clinic, 1 Harley Street, London W1.

Half day Discovery – session lasting 4 hours

In this session we work through;

The 6 Key Elements for Change – to discover what has been preventing you from healing your issues

Conscious Root-Cause-Analysis – to connect symptoms and behaviours with specific events and experiences

Dynamic Health Plan – which examines 6 lifestyle areas and enables us to create a workable plan for daily support and return to health

Full Day Breakthrough – session lasting 6 hours

This session includes the Discover package with the addition of Heart Focused Healing™ techniques to release and process stuck trauma and stress.

Corporate and Group In-House Training

Our deep understanding of the impact of stress on trauma on the body and mind means that we can create bespoke workshops and training to meet the needs of corporate clients, communities, schools or specific interest groups.

We lead in-house training programmes, but the aim is usually to evolve the programme so that we train team leaders to qualify as ‘Stress to Strength Coaches’ and eventually group facilitators.

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