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Introducing the Five Heart Keys

The Five Heart Keys to building better relationships My experiences with my own relationship have led me to develop the Five Heart Keys. These are the five areas that I’ve identified to help you create a better relationship with yourself and to improve your relationship with others. It starts with you Following on from my […]

People with cancer are not victims

Cancer is a symptom of a previous trauma, not a cause On World Cancer Day (4 February), and as mentioned in this recent post, I wanted to explain why we shouldn’t be treating people with cancer as ‘victims’. Instead, we should be encouraging them to become curious and support them in releasing the trauma and […]

Realistic Expectations

For my third video from Australia, I want to talk about realistic expectations. Many of you will be thinking about making changes in the new year, so I thought it’d be helpful to explore what’s realistic and achievable. We put a lot of expectations upon ourselves when embarking on a programme of change but if you’re […]