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Heart Conscious Breathing

Heart Conscious Breathing is the important foundation of any personal transformation work that we do, especially in Heart Conscious Healing. It is also a technique in itself that you can use to help in re-regulating your autonomic nervous system (ANS). Here we look at what happens to the body when in stress and how you can use […]

Are You Ready to Give Your Gift to the World?

Have you taken the training, done the study, practised the techniques and now want to launch your career in EFT,  EMO, Matrix or other Energy Therapies? Do you wonder how the big names make it and get the platform to share their passion? Are you like many others out there, trying to find your way, to find […]

What causes ankle pain?

And in this video, taken from one of my META-Health trainings you can see a specific example of how a root-cause-analysis was used to diagnose the emotional cause of a specific symptom of a painful ankle. In this video you’ll see how all physical symptoms are bio-logical responses (meaning – they make complete sense) to […]

How does META-Health Work?

What is META-Health? How does it actually work? In this video I talk about the process of disease and how we must pass through two very different and distinct phases once we have experienced a trauma or re-triggered the memory of a traumatic event. If you found this helpful or you have any questions, please […]