Being a Vegan Abroad - Part 1

Posted by Sami Thorpe | 12th December 2015

I'm travelling around Australia for the next few weeks and I thought it would be helpful while I'm away to begin with an exploration of my relationship with food. As a vegan, I've been wondering how easy it will be to eat healthily and stay satisfied while on my travels, especially as it's the Christmas and New Year period.

Thankfully, it is so far proving easier than I thought. Thai Airways were very good at accommodating the vegan diet, even though we weren't quite sure how that was going to work when booking our flights!

Nutrition is one of the areas we look at in Conscious Health Practice, so I'm keen to observe my food choices and my emotional relationships with food while I'm away. I'll be sharing my observations with you in some short videos, the first of which I recorded on our first morning in Sydney:

What are your thoughts about your own diet? Please feel free to comment and ask me questions. I will only have intermittent internet access on my travels but I promise to check in periodically to read your feedback and respond to your questions.

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