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Being a Vegan Abroad – Part 2

When I posted my first video from Australia last week, I intended to keep a video diary about what it’s like being a vegan abroad. However, I hadn’t banked on going into ‘second phase’ – the rest, repair and replenish stage – within a few days of being away, on holiday, meaning I’ve spent much of the last week getting over a bout of flu.

So, for this video I’ve decided to reflect on my relationship with food and observe how it has been changing during our travels and especially how it differed while I was recovering from the flu. Apologies for the background noise of the sea in some of the video!

Managing our relationship with food is complicated, especially emotionally, so I invite you to become curious and observe your thoughts and emotions and how they may be related to what you choose to eat.  I also invite you to eat slowly, consciously and mindfully. Be aware and present as you eat. What’s going on in your mind, body and emotional state?

What would you do if faced with a dish that you shouldn’t eat because of the moral or ethical choices you’ve made (like I was)? I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Noreen
    Noreen says:

    Hi Sami. Enjoyed your blog. I’m a work in progress in all of this. Yes, I would have eaten it – I’m not there yet concerning vegetarian and also gluten free. We are with family today and fly to Arizona tomorrow to be with our son and family. At the moment I eat veggie and gluten free when possible but if not receive what there is with gratitude. I feel better with veggie and gluten free!
    I’m enjoying being curious having been programmed that ‘curiosity killed the cat’
    Looking forward to your next blogs xx

    • Sam Thorpe
      Sam Thorpe says:

      Hi Noreen, Yes receiving and eating with gratitude is a really good place to come from. It has been interesting noticing what other factors contribute to my decisions too.

  2. Chloe
    Chloe says:

    Several years ago I went to southern Spain, having been vegetarian for around 12 years at the time. Nobody spoke English there, and we didn’t speak Spanish. For most of the week we thought we were asking for ‘no meat, no fish’ and thought the confused looks were just because they didn’t understand vegetarians…… Turns out we were asking for ‘no meat, no swimming’!! Hahaha.
    Anyway one day I thought I was playing it safe going pasta. Just pick one, it’ll be fine. Very silly mistake, but I was 19 and didn’t know very much, but I randomly picked tortellini. Which was clearly pasta filled with meat. This was my mistake, and I knew if I sent it back, it would be thrown away. So, like you, I ate it. I felt horrible emotionally, but I saw it as a lesson learned. I felt it would have been worse for that food and animal to be wasted, than for me to eat it after the damage had been done.

    Now, I’ve been vegan for very nearly 3 years. It’s hard to know what I would do now. I feel the same about the waste. Similar has happened with honey a couple of times and I’ve eaten it. But with meat, I’m not sure I could now. Eggs and dairy, I would probably eat if I couldn’t give it to someone else, and if it wasn’t loads like a cheese omelet or something!

    I’ve been fully raw for 8 months, but I’m now 9 weeks pregnant. Since 6 weeks, I went off almost all raw foods! It’s been interesting and challenging. Eating practically only things that I had discovered by both research and awareness of my body, were not good for me! I’m still aware of how things affect me, but being grateful that I can eat SOMETHING, and I think successfully removing any expectation of how bad I might feel when I eat cooked vegan junk food! I see it as a necessity to survive for now, and that I will really appreciate going back to raw or even just vaguely whole, clean foods, when I’m able to!

    • Sam Thorpe
      Sam Thorpe says:

      Thanks for your comment Chloe. I have noticed it’s a combination of factors that make up my decisions, and sometimes the priority changes. Sometimes I just feel like I can’t eat it, so I am listening more to my body, and sometimes there is an emotional or ethical reason… I am interested that it does change. That’s really interesting about the raw food, what made you change your diet from raw whilst you are pregnant?

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