Being a Vegan Abroad – Part 1

I’m travelling around Australia for the next few weeks and I thought it would be helpful while I’m away to begin with an exploration of my relationship with food. As a vegan, I’ve been wondering how easy it will be to eat healthily and stay satisfied while on my travels, especially as it’s the Christmas and New Year period.

Thankfully, it is so far proving easier than I thought. Thai Airways were very good at accommodating the vegan diet, even though we weren’t quite sure how that was going to work when booking our flights! Here’s a selection of food we’ve had so far on our trip:

Nutrition is one of the areas we look at in Conscious Health Practice, so I’m keen to observe my food choices and my emotional relationships with food while I’m away. I’ll be sharing my observations with you in some short videos, the first of which I recorded on our first morning in Sydney:

What are your thoughts about your own diet? Please feel free to comment and ask me questions. I will only have intermittent internet access on my travels but I promise to check in periodically to read your feedback and respond to your questions.

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Why is Conscious Health Practice Different?

I have been thinking a lot about how my life has changed and trying to define what it is that I do differently now.

It was only 5 years ago that I was a complete wreck; physically, mentally and emotionally unwell and feeling a complete victim of my circumstances and my symptoms. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, chronic bad back, depression, uncontrollable anger, alcohol abuse… it was a dark place.

Today I am fit and healthy, very happy and living an amazing life. So what’s different?

What is interesting is that I still get a bit of a bad back some times, some days I still feel overwhelmed and I do occasionally feel a sense of that old anger rising in my solar plexus… but now I understand it and know exactly WHY each of these things is happening.

There are parts of me, just as there are in all of us, that still hold onto past, incomplete events and I have stored information that are my default strategies. These strategies are triggered by different cues that I read in my present day. However, today I have learned to become the witness to my own ‘survival self’ and appreciate how my amazing those parts of me are.

It’s not about judging myself and forcing myself to change strategies that I don’t like – it’s about being present and being the NOW (Neutral Observant Witness) that I may understand what my survival self is doing. It is only by loving those parts that I will evolve the incomplete meaning to past events so that those parts of me can update their understanding and complete the event, bringing new and fuller meaning and perspective to what has passed.

Now I am the observer, a work in progress, and I when I feel unhappy or unwell I can remind myself to observe what I have been doing to feel that way. I am living a Conscious Health Practice… doing my best every day.

Here is a short video explaining why my Conscious Health Practice is different to other workshops.

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Heart Focused Healing™

How to love yourself one part at a time with HEART FOCUSED HEALING™


I have changed so much in the last few years that only when I am occasionally ‘triggered’ do I recognise the person that I used to be.


We are all a work in progress and there are sometimes residual energies of past trauma and stress that remain with us and cause us to react to situations and circumstances that pose a potential threat. These residual energies need to be processed and released by finding the deeper meaning in the past event so that we may expand our perspective of life and understanding of our animalistic survival situation.

In the absence of updated or more complete information, when a similar event to one that previously cause me pain or a threat to survival seem to be imminent, the fastest and most effective survival mechanism (ie. reaction) is one that has worked before – either by me or by someone in my family or in my collective field.

So, although I am no longer the person I used to be, it is still possible to feel the ‘old’ feelings and adopt old strategies and patterns. The big difference NOW is that I understand what is happening and I love the part of me that was doing everything it can to protect me. I have learned to love this ‘Ego’ part of me that in the event of a heightened emotional experience took all the available information on-board and made decisions for my safety. Without hesitation, whenever required, it still acts on survival instinct to keep me ‘safe’ by any means. How amazing is that!

It IS amazing and I am humbled by the intelligence of my body and my capacity to respond without thought at the mere whiff of a threat to my physical self or the ‘self’ that I have identified and created to be ‘me’. Contrary to what you might have read or heard elsewhere about the ‘Ego’, the existence of this ‘self’ is as vital as the body that breathes. This self is the pilot on my journey and navigates the terrain of the map that I encounter before me. My ‘Ego’ is my friend and my protector… but sometimes it’s operating on old, out-dated and redundant information. This means that as we grow up, change our situation and circumstances, we sometimes get results that are no longer desirable. Shouting doesn’t get me heard, fighting doesn’t win me friends and running away does not help me sort out relationship problems, nor are any of these responses good for my long term health.

We need a way to update the information and bring our ‘Ego-Self’ into alignment with the ‘True-Self’ that is connected and in touch with the bigger picture.


Our ‘True-Self’ remains ever connected and has information outside of this animal experience as it operates from a higher perspective. 


When we experience a threat to survival we respond instinctively as ‘pure animal’. This is normal and when an animal in the wild cannot run or fight it will freeze. When the threat has passed the animal follows the response with a ‘freeze release’ where it shakes the trapped energy from its system and eventually it reaches a state of balance again and goes about its business.

As conscious beings, in the split second that this freeze response happens, when we become so densely animal in our need to survive, we experience what we perceive to be a disconnect from that which is greater than ourselves alone. It is not real, but our experience feels like it. In that split second we have the most amazing survival technique and our sub-conscious ‘Ego’ takes a snapshot of everything, stores it in a database as a potential threat for next time. Animals in the wild rely on intuition and instinct for safety – this is inherent and is maintained by the release of the freeze response.


When we are unable to release the freeze, we revert to the information we have stored as our reference and we ‘construct’ safety.


It is possible to release this stored information with many different kinds of techniques, either through the body such as TRE Trauma Release Exercises or Peter Levine’s Somnatic Experiencing, through the emotions and thoughts such as PSYCH-K or EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques or entirely through the energy system such as EMOTrance or Qigong. However this said, ALL of these techniques are tapping into the energetic system via different ‘co-ordinates’ to get to the stuck energy and unprocessed information. Through each of these processes, the information is released and updated.

In order to release stress and trauma from the system, we need to create a sense of safety first. The deeper the sense of safety at the point of release, the deeper and more systemic the release of energy stored by past events and threats to survival.

My new technique HEART FOCUSED HEALING™ uses this concept to bring about great change. Combined with sending love and feelings of care and appreciation, the Ego-Not-True-Self (ENTS) parts are able to appreciate a new and updated meaning of past events. Using the latest scientifically prove techniques, we bring the body into a deep sense of calm and safety where we may SAFELY release past trauma and on-going stress from body and mind.

Through constant curiosity I have worked on understanding the parts of myself that have been protecting me for all this time.  Through loving these parts of ‘my-self’ my beliefs and perceptions have changed, my thoughts have changed, I have changed and my quality of life has changed dramatically.

Here is a video interview with Gary Williams of EFT Hub where I talk about some of the main concepts of my new technique. If you would like to learn HEART FOCUSED HEALING™ I will be introducing Level 1 (for personal use) in my new exciting 4 day personal breakthrough workshop CONSCIOUS HEALTH PRACTICE™ in Rochester, 30th April – 3rd May.

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