What causes ankle pain?

And in this video, taken from one of my META-Health trainings you can see a specific example of how a root-cause-analysis was used to diagnose the emotional cause of a specific symptom of a painful ankle.

In this video you’ll see how all physical symptoms are bio-logical responses (meaning – they make complete sense) to an original trigger and often the pain comes as a result of a resolution which has taken place in the subconscious or conscious mind.

If you’re suffering from Ankle pain, or indeed any other muscular skeletal pain you’ll find this video helpful.

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How does META-Health Work?

What is META-Health? How does it actually work?

In this video I talk about the process of disease and how we must pass through two very different and distinct phases once we have experienced a trauma or re-triggered the memory of a traumatic event.

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Ask Sami – The Cause of Fibroids

Welcome to a new series of blogs called ‘ASK Sami’ where I will be answering a question from YOU about common health issues and their root causes.

Q. I’ve just been diagnosed with a uterine fibroid. It’s small but enough to make iron levels go down as well as lots of other symptoms. Could you give me some guidance on what to focus on?


A. A uterine fibroid is a non-cancerous growth in the muscle of the uterus. They can vary in size and can also be associated with heavy periods and lower back pain and constipation amongst other symptoms.



From a META-health point of view, the tissue of the uterus is a muscle and would enter into a programme to strengthen should the woman not feel good enough or strong enough to have or carry a baby. For example, it is quite common to get fibroids following a miscarriage. The tissue enters into the two phases* of disease by firstly weakening and following a resolution to the traumatic experience (which can be an internal shift in perception of the situation), the tissue would enter into the second phase whereupon the tissue would begin to repair, stronger than before. A realisation that she can have children, feeling better about her chances of pregnancy, evidence that indicates she is able to conceive and carry the child would all take a woman into the second phase of this programme where the tissue would enter into the repair and rejuvenation.


However, should there still be triggers and residual fears around this theme, the tissue gets caught in a cycle of being re-triggered into stress and then entering once again into the repair phase, building further muscle tissue, creating an over production of cells. This getting ‘stuck’ in the process is called a ‘hanging healing’. The woman sends mixed messages to the uterine muscle to continue to first decrease then increase in cells – spending more time in the second (resolved) phase of increasing cells.


Laterality applies in this type of programme

So, if the fibroids are on the woman’s dominant side, the feeling of not being good enough would be related to perceptions in relationship to a person considered equal, such as a partner, siblings or peers (also relates to career). If the fibroids are on the non-dominant side, they would relate to a nurturing relationship, not good enough int he eyes of mother or children.


Psychological changes in the event of fibroids on both sides (or other musculoskeletal programmes running on both left and right sides of the body such as knees, shoulders)

The theme of psychological change for musculoskeletal programmes is to become more megalomanic. As the theme is connected to self worth, should there be an overwhelm of self worth issues, the new adaptive behaviour is for the person to feel ‘more than capable’ so that they can go out in the world and continue to function and of course find or create resolution situation. We could call this new pattern ‘resolution seeking behaviour’. It can manifest in 2 ways. Issues of anyone with musculoskeletal issues on both left and right side can appear to be megalomaniacal, they are the fastest, the cleverest, you can never tell them anything, they always know best. It can also manifest as someone who feel that they are ‘needed’ by someone else; ‘they can’t do without me’, ‘they would never cope without me’… ‘its my job to save the world’…


What next?

Work with the fear of not getting pregnant or being good enough to carry the child. Identify any fears still lingering following a traumatic experience, perhaps abortion or miscarriage or loss of a child. Also, look deeper at the core belief of ‘I am not good enough or strong enough’ as this is the underlying theme of the muscles, tendons and ligaments and bones.


I suggest slow tapping (EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques) in one point, tuning into the issue and emotion and repeating a phrase such as ‘I am not good enough’ or ‘I am not good enough to have a baby’ and see where it takes you.


Remember to take full responsibility for your own emotional wellbeing and if in doubt, always seek the help of a professional whom you trust.


*The two phases works like a body builder going to the gym, first the muscle is stressed, then it enters into a repair where the tissue is stronger than before, better to carry out the job next time. For more information on the two phases see this blog about back pain.

Other symptoms often associated with Fibroids according to META-Health

  • heavy periods – An increase in the uterine lining is due to a fear of not getting pregnant, the extra tissue increase the possibility of catching and holding the egg
  • Lower back pain – Lumbar pain is due to the belief that; I am not strong enough to support myself, be myself, be accepted as myself, be able to fulfil my lives purpose
  • Constipation – Cannot digest or breakdown something (information), often anger or incredulity at a situation

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What really causes back and neck pain – the META-Health explanation

Back and Neck Pain is one of the most common muscular-skeletal pains experienced in the UK.

Managing pain is a common use for energy therapies.

We would usually grade the severity of the pain on a scale from 0 to 10, 0 being no pain or distress through to 10 being very severe.

This is called the SUDs scale; Subjective Units of Discomfort (or Distress). With a benchmark, it’s possible to use such techniques as EFT Meridian Tapping, HeartMath or EmoTrance to move the energy within the body field and change the body”s physiological response to pain.

A number of things happen when we do this, depending on the focus of the technique.


If, however, we go more deeply, our response to pain is usually conditioned by our perception of a situation, the real or perceived extra demand required of the body to perform during a more stressful period or for a more stressful task.

Therefore, if we know what the task is that the body is under stress to perform, we can understand what the body is doing to adjust.


The Two Phases Of Dis-ease In Relation To Back & Neck Pain

There are two phases to every dis-ease process, the stress phase, where function of the organ is increased, followed by a repair phase, where the organ tissue repairs and returns back to normal function.

When we understand what the body is doing, we can understand why it is doing it and the message it is giving us about our perception and belief about ourself or the world. With this information, we no longer have to just manage symptoms, we can go straight to the root cause and identify the original trauma or trigger the creates the dis-ease process in the first place.


In the video below I explain to my META-Health students some of the typical META-Messages behind back and neck pain.



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