Introducing the Five Heart Keys

Posted by Sami Thorpe | 4th May 2016

My experiences with my own relationship have led me to develop the Five Heart Keys. These are the five areas that I've identified to help you create a better relationship with yourself and to improve your relationship with others.

It starts with you

Following on from my previous Valentine's blog about writing a love letter to yourself and more recently on understanding the NOW state, in both of which I talked a little about my relationship with myself and also that with my husband, many of you have asked how you can improve your own relationships.

So, I've explored the process I went through and developed the Five Heart Keys as a way to allow you to work on your relationships, firstly with yourself and then with others.

In this first video, I explain how I came up with the idea of the Five Heart Keys and tell you a little bit about them.

The Five Heart Keys are:

  • Seeing
  • Allowing
  • Flowing
  • Feeling
  • Being

These are the areas I feel are necessary to develop skills in to have a better relationship with yourself, which can then enable you to have a better relationship with someone else. They're not sequential and they all interact with and enhance each other. All five are key for being able to establish a supportive long-term relationship. This doesn't just have to be about your relationship with a partner; it can equally apply to other relationships in your life.

5 Heart Keys

In the next five videos, I'll explain each of these Heart Keys in turn. I'll invite you to do some exercises to explore where you are within each one and identify any skills that are perhaps lacking or you're finding difficulty with.

I'd love your feedback after each video so that I can develop more tools and resources to help you - such as a workshop where we can work together on each area to help you develop better relationships.

In the next blog, I'll introduce you to the first Heart Key, Seeing.