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Karl Dawson

From the first time I met Sam, it was clear she was highly intelligent and compassionate. She is a naturally talented therapist and as I expected, has become a very accomplished, intuitive and resourceful practitioner. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Karl DawsonCreator of Matrix ReImprinting.
Nikki Owen

Sam Thorpe is a high impact EFT Practitioner who worked with me to shift a deeply-rooted issue that has affected me all my life. Sam exudes such confidence that she enabled me to feel safe and secure.

Her sensory awareness of what I was feeling was astonishing and her intuition for getting to the real issue was breathtakingly quick. I immediately felt calmer and more relaxed than I felt in years. If you get an opportunity to work with Sam, take it – she will help you to recognise that you have all the resources you need inside to achieve whatever you want


Nikki OwenUK Expert in Confidence & Charisma.
Maria Araval

On my path with Traditional Chinese Medicine I’ve always been very interested in the 5 elements theory, especially in the organ/emotion relation and their impact on health.

My search for more knowledge took me to a meta-medicine course where I first met Sam. Encouraged by her big passion about health and physiopathology of the human body, I was able to connect and relate every aspect of meta-medicine with my TCM background.

I was really amazed with the co-relations of the 5 elements cycles and how meta-medicine relates emotions and dis-eases. I’m thrilled to train with her again. There is still so much to learn and I’m convinced that her dedication and knowledge will make it possible for meta-medicine to complement the ancient TCM wisdom in our modern lives in many different ways.

Maria Araval
Sally-Anne Soulsby

I trained in META-Health with Sami and as a Psychotherapist found the training gave me invaluable insight and addition to my skill set.

I am now able to help my clients identify triggers to a host of physical and psychological difficulties.  This means that we are able to hone in on areas to explore and resolve in a much more efficient and accurate way.  A must for all Counsellors and Psychotherapists.


Amy Branton

Sam’s extensive knowledge coupled with her infectious enthusiasm for this ground breaking new model of health and well-being make the course enjoyable and a great learning experience at the same time!

As a result of this two day course I can really see the value of training as a health coach practitioner.  It gives a therapist – from any discipline – detailed scientific and technical information that demonstrates the body-mind connection.  And this is backed with medical evidence provided by brain scans.

This course provides the missing link between the intuitive way many therapists work and evidence-based medical treatment.  It makes a big contribution to bridge the gap between science and spirituality necessary for humanity to thrive rather than just survive in the 21st century.

I recommend this course to anyone who wants to be part of this evolution.

Anna Williamson

I found this workshop enormously beneficial on a personal as well as a professional basis: It gave me a hugely better understanding on why I have developed the dis-eases I have, but it goes far beyond that: In my opinion it is the hitherto (missing) link between the medical profession and energy psychology in that it gets to the source of where illnesses come from and why we develop them in the first place.  The body-mind makes no mistakes…

In short I urge anyone interested in energy psychology as well as complementary, alternative and traditional allopathic medicine  or the social sciences to attend her course, even if they don’t want to go on the full training as a Metahealth-Coach.

One thing is for certain: It’s a new tool for me that I intend to use extensively in my professional life! After two days I left the training and my new-found friends with my head buzzing from possible applications to clients and a deep respect for Sami Thorpe as a teacher and course leader.


Anna WilliamsonHealing Bodywork and Psychotherapy UK.
Niall Morton

As a result of this course my life will be different because although I already know that my body is my friend, this course has really shown how that friendship works and its amazing that a couple of days later I feel different about myself, especially about the anxiety and panic attacks that rear their heads every so often. I now really know what they are trying to show me and can go back to the cause with much more ease and root it/them out and work with them with EFT/Matrix.

I would recommend this course because of the fascinating content and the empowerment it will give you, it gave me. Plus, you will be in excellent hands with Sami who is a trainer par excellence. Sami creates a great environment in which to learn that is warm and supportive. You won’t think about your health in the same way when you have the information that this course gives you.”


Niall Morton
Claire Poole

Sami’s Introduction to META-Health workshop opened a new window of understanding how we could use our physical symptoms to gain a greater understanding of our functioning as a whole being.

It has enhanced my counselling practice as I am able to identify and ask informed questions relating to their circumstances which has helped the client swiftly make sense of their world and to assist in making choices whether to and how to address their current situation.

Sami is extremely eloquent and knowledgeable and a very easy-to-understand teacher. Her pace respected the expertise that existed in the room (we were all counsellors) and we became animated as a collective as it clicked into place for us.


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