If you’re looking for someone to energise and inspire an audience and share practical, applicable nuggets of gold for optimum living, I’d love to hear from you.  My passion in speaking is focused around the topics of human empowerment and living an inspirational life.

Previous Topics Include:

  • The Power of Compassion – How to regulate your Heart Rate Variability and use your heart field to expand the power of love and compassion to heal yourself and support and influence others
  • The Body Doesn’t Make Mistakes – How to understand the amazing intelligence of the body to decode your symptoms and behaviour and find freedom from the past
  • Heart Focused Healing™ – Simple yet powerful techniques to heal the past, be present and flow into the future by loving yourself one PART at a time.
  • The 7 steps to Conscious Health Practice™ – How to assess where you are and how you got there so that you can see why you are stuck and know what to do to move forward into the life you want
  • The Impact of Stress and Trauma on the body and Mind – An introduction to the biological and psychological impacts of stress.
  • Safe and Lasting Change – How to make safe and sustainable changes to your life and health.
  • Loving Yourself One Part at a Time – Understanding and loving the animal self and re-integrating the parts that have been looking after you.

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