People with cancer are not victims

Cancer is a symptom of a previous trauma, not a cause

On World Cancer Day (4 February), and as mentioned in this recent post, I wanted to explain why we shouldn’t be treating people with cancer as ‘victims’. Instead, we should be encouraging them to become curious and support them in releasing the trauma and back to health.

When someone has cancer, their body is making very specific cellular adaptations to information encoded in the body and mind that was stored at a time of trauma or threat to survival in the past. Stress and trauma are long established factors of ill health and the depletion of the immune system. There is scientific proof that our emotions can have an adverse effect on the immune system and interfere with the body’s own natural healing abilities.

It is both unhelpful and unethical to spread fear, anger and frustration about issues such as cancer – in the way that some current campaigns do – in an attempt to beat these diseases. Instead we should, while managing the symptoms, be seeking the root-cause and creating the right healing environment of love and understanding.

No mistakes

The body simply doesn’t make mistakes. Rather than seeing themselves as victims, people with cancer need to be encouraged to become curious of what’s going on and why, and then look at what we can do to release and process trauma and stress stored in the body and support the body back to health.

Cancer is a symptom of a previous trauma, not a cause. Treatments and health regimes need to support and empower people to self-regulate and heal themselves, rather than fill them full of drugs that have often been proven to be ineffectual or cause series side-effects.

Campaigns should be supporting people with a healthy diet, exercise and the tools to manage their physical, mental and emotional well-being, providing the best possible physical and chemical environment in the body for it to return to health.

With my root-cause analysis process, Conscious Health Practice, I help people – with cancer and other diseases – to find the root-cause of their symptoms and release the stress that is causing them, enabling the body to repair and heal itself.

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David Bowie and Alan Rickman Were Not ‘Victims’ of Cancer

Do you want to understand the root-causes of disease?

I was very sad to hear last week of the death of David Bowie, a man who had so much impact in so many ways across so many generations.  And then, to hear that Alan Rickman had also passed away at the same age and in the same week, also of cancer.

The thing that makes me most sad is that both of these deaths – David Bowie from liver cancer and Alan Rickman from pancreatic cancer – might potentially have been prevented if the research and focus was in the right place. Rather than spending heaps of research money on drugs and treatments simply to manage the symptoms (many of which have debilitating or life-threatening side-effects themselves), it would be more helpful to look at the root-causes of the disease and what triggered them in the first place.

If David Bowie and Alan Rickman had understood the real cause of their illness and had the help and support to focus on healing the things that were triggering their body to run these programmes, they might not have been taken from us so soon.

They – and anyone else fighting cancer – are not victims. Their bodies were trying to adapt to traumas that they didn’t know about or understand. Managing the symptoms while at the same time seeking the root cause and creating the right healing environment – one of love and understanding, not fear and anger – would have been a far more successful strategy, as I explain in this video:

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Let’s all stop being victims and instead start 2016 by taking back our power to become MASTERS of our own HEALTH!

I will shortly be making a video series on how to understand and take control of your health, looking at the key symptoms and illnesses that affect us today, starting with liver cancer and pancreatic cancers. The series will also look at diabetes, heart disease, muscular skeletal issues such as arthritis and muscle pain, asthma, eczema, skin cancer, lung cancer and Fibromyalgia to name but a few. The series that follows will also look in depth at emotional and behavioural issues such as anger and rage, eating disorders, depression and bi-polar disorder.

I will share with you the ‘HOW TO’ of health and wellbeing so that you can understand your specific symptoms and know exactly what to focus on to support your body in its own natural healing process.

We are born to survive, we are born to grow. But, to survive, grow and thrive we need to process stress and trauma and support the body back into its natural healing state. 

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