Love Yourself Part 2 – the NOW state

Introducing the NOW state

Following on from my last Valentine’s blog, this next video reflects on how the exercise of writing yourself a love letter went and introduces the NOW state as a way to be in the present moment and appreciate the strategies you have developed.

Writing a love letter

In the last blog, I introduced you to Heart Conscious Breathing and asked you to write a love letter to yourself or to a part of yourself that you feel needed validation. How did you get on with that?

I tried it myself and something quite interesting happened so, before I talk about the NOW state, I wanted to reflect on my experience and also on the feedback I’ve had from those of you who also tried the exercise. It was interesting that it brought stuff up for some of you, as much as it also gave you the opportunity to love a part of yourself.

Connecting with my 14 year-old self

When I did the love letter exercise, I connected with my 14 year-old self and I noticed that some of the strategies I’d adopted back then had come to the forefront in some problems I’ve experienced recently.

Watch the video below to discover what this meant for me and what I learned from it.

Being in the present moment

In the video, I also talk about the importance of being in the present moment and I talk you through the NOW state and what this means:

So there you have it; NOW stands for being a Neutral Observant Witness. Practise using the ABC breathing technique to become present and a Neutral Observant Witness of what’s going on with your body and your emotions.

In case you need a reminder of the ABC technique, watch my earlier video about it.

If you’ve any questions, or want to share your experience of NOW and ABC, please email me or leave a comment below.

Introducing the Five Heart Keys

My experiences with my own relationship have led me to develop the Five Heart Keys. These are the five areas that I’ve identified to help you create a better relationship with yourself and to improve your relationship with others. Over my next few blogs, I’ll introduce you to each of the five areas.

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Love yourself this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’d like to share with you some of the things I’ve learned about meeting the right person and creating a good relationship, but before I do, I think it’s useful to explore the relationship we have with ourselves.

My husband Vic and I will celebrate our wedding anniversary this Valentine’s weekend. In the early stages of our relationship, we had many difficulties to get through – which we did before we married. The big turnaround for us both was when we stopped trying to fix each other and focused on fixing ourselves instead.

Write yourself a Valentine’s love letter

So, in today’s video I’d like to invite you to write a Valentine’s love letter to yourself. You may want to do this in general or in relation to a specific part of you, as I mention in the video:

Begin by following the steps of Heart Conscious Breathing and allow a part of you to come forward that may need your attention.

Here are the Heart Conscious Breathing steps:

  • A – Attention to the heart area
  • B – Breathe in and out of the heart area
  • C – Connect with a feeling of appreciation or gratitude

Do Heart Conscious Breathing for a couple of minutes and allow yourself to be in your heart, rather than in your busy head. Then write your letter. You might like to start it with:

“I am writing from the heart to say…”

And just allow yourself to write whatever comes up. Once you’ve done this, do Heart Conscious Breathing again and then read the letter to yourself.

How was that for you? Let me know in the comments how you get on.

You can do this exercise as many times as you need, either to different parts of yourself, or to say whatever you need to say. Remember, stay in the heart area and write whatever comes up; don’t get ‘thinking’ too much about it!

In the next video, I’ll talk about how to create a better relationship with yourself so that you can improve your relationship with others.

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