Why is Conscious Health Practice Different?

Posted by Sami Thorpe | 5th November 2015

I have been thinking a lot about how my life has changed and trying to define what it is that I do differently now.

It was only 5 years ago that I was a complete wreck; physically, mentally and emotionally unwell and feeling a complete victim of my circumstances and my symptoms. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, chronic bad back, depression, uncontrollable anger, alcohol abuse... it was a dark place.

Today I am fit and healthy, very happy and living an amazing life. So what's different?

What is interesting is that I still get a bit of a bad back some times, some days I still feel overwhelmed and I do occasionally feel a sense of that old anger rising in my solar plexus... but now I understand it and know exactly WHY each of these things is happening.

There are parts of me, just as there are in all of us, that still hold onto past, incomplete events and I have stored information that are my default strategies. These strategies are triggered by different cues that I read in my present day. However, today I have learned to become the witness to my own 'survival self' and appreciate how my amazing those parts of me are.

It's not about judging myself and forcing myself to change strategies that I don't like - it's about being present and being the NOW (Neutral Observant Witness) that I may understand what my survival self is doing. It is only by loving those parts that I will evolve the incomplete meaning to past events so that those parts of me can update their understanding and complete the event, bringing new and fuller meaning and perspective to what has passed.

Now I am the observer, a work in progress, and I when I feel unhappy or unwell I can remind myself to observe what I have been doing to feel that way. I am living a Conscious Health Practice... doing my best every day.

Here is a short video explaining why my Conscious Health Practice is different to other workshops.

If you would like to know more go to www.conscioushealthpractice.com Online 7 Steps to Conscious Health coming soon!