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CT Scan Reading with Dr. Anton Bader

A special opportunity to joint this 4 day workshop with Dr. Anton Bader, the founding member and 'Grand-father' of IMMA - the International META-Medicine Association

In this 4 day workshop Dr. Bader will teach the intruicate and complex skills of reading and interpreting peoples CT scans to analyse physical, mental and emotional symptoms and their root-cause.


Using the knowledge developed from German New Medicine and META-Medicine, Dr Bader will show you how to read the scans and apply the root-cause-analysis knowledge to interpret the specific organ associated with the specific part of the brain, and will connect symptoms and their stage of stress or recovery to specific life events.


This course is open to anyone studying and familiar with GNM German New Medicine, META-Medicine and META-Health, Lifestyle Prescriptions, ACE Advanced Clearing Energetics and other similar disciplines.

Course cost: £470