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Conscious Health Revolution - are you in?

Conscious Health Revolution Manifesto

Our MANIFESTO represents our core message and are the pre-suppositions of Conscious Health Revolution and Conscious Health .Institute

1. We are unlimited energy, fluid, free and FLOWING

2. We are the MASTERS of our own health and happiness on every level

3. Our body only continues to adapts when there is no other STRATEGY

4. We HONOUR our survival-intelligence and seek greater meaning and wisdom to heal our physical, mental and emotional dis-ease

5. Our LIFESTYLE is our medicine, every choice matters

6. There is no good or bad, only the MEANING we give to things – that meaning determines what we attract and holds the key to our healing

6. Enlightenment is what happens when we stop thinking and start LOVING

8. We are CURIOUS without judgment, ready and willing to learn about ourselves, others and the world

9. We are each UNIQUELY perfect, here to be the gift that only we can give

10. We SHINE our light unapologetically, and in doing so we light the way for others, giving them permission to shine

11. We are AWAKENED to our true nature of compassion and kindness

12. We claim full responsibility for our POWER, PASSION and PURPOSE and choose that which brings joy

13. We are NOT SEPARATE; we are inter-connected parts of a Divine Matrix, what we do to others we do to ourselves (and vice versa)

14. It is our nature to move away from pain, towards growth, to process experiences and become physically, mentally and emotionally stronger, wiser and more RESILIENT

15. Breathe, breathe and breathe again, and if in doubt, BREATHE

16. The mind thinks, the HEART knows, love heals everything


Our guidelines provide a framework for engagement within the community

1. We are a community of equality and diversity

We are one world, diverse and varied.  People have different backgrounds, experiences and choices and everyone has equal rights. We operate an equal rights and equal opportunities policy. We do not accept any form of discrimination.

2. Every person is valued, respected and treated with kindness

We value people and treat them with the utmost respect even when we do not agree with their views. We see differing opinions as a challenge for growth and an opportunity to practice loving kindness.

3. We are inclusive, tolerant and accepting of others

We choose to include people, never ostracizing or rejecting people, instead supporting them through their difficulties.

4. We honour and validate everyone’s experience and recognize that everyone is always doing their best

We remember that we cannot ever really know another person and can only know them through our own experience. Therefore we honour each person’s journey and meet them with an open heart so that we may understand them as best we can.

We choose to see the light in others.

5. We are curious, open and willing to learn, seeking new meaning to promote our own healing

We are open to challenge and growth, even if sometimes uncomfortable. This is a safe space for people to expand their awareness and broaden their perspectives that they might change old patterns, heal symptoms and develop healthier practices

6. We are mindful of our own words and actions and our impact on others and behave in a way that promotes peace and understanding

We are reflective of our own reaction and choice of response to others. We do not engage in behaviour that puts another down, keeps small or deliberately hurts another person. We seek clarity, honesty and responsibility and a mutual opportunity for growth, understanding and connection.

7. We practice gratitude and appreciation and strive to do the least harm possible

We recognise that each experience brings the opportunity to teach us and provide growth. We do our best to remember this in times of struggle and remind ourselves that we have an active part in every experience for which we must take full responsibility. We practice self-reflection so that we understand our needs emotions and motives and respond from a place of least harm.

8. We seek to understand the higher purpose and values of others

Although people’s actions may bring a challenge and their motivations may seem elusive, we appreciate that everyone acts from a place of higher purpose and a desire for love, acceptance and connection. Likewise, when we respond to others, we do our best to reflect on where our values where challenged or where we feared a lack of love, acceptance or connection.

9. We support and celebrate each other’s individuality, accomplishments and empowerment

We each bring our own special light and magic. This is a place to share and uplift each other.

10. We are transparent in our motives and behaviours

We are honest about our mistakes and our fears and accept responsibility for the drivers of our behaviour.

11. We commit to being present for ourselves and for others

We are not our actions - we are so much more.

We accept that our actions are a result of what we have experienced. As we are designed to survive so too are we designed to grow. Being present means showing up in this moment where change is possible - for ourselves and for others.

12. We take responsibility for our own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

We listen to our bodies, pay attention to our thoughts and allow ourselves the experience of our emotions so that we can intuit what we need to heal, maintain balance, find peace and bring about healing.

13. We take action to create the health and the lives we want

We are solely responsible for creating our health and our life. We learn and practice new skills, knowledge, actively seek support and advice and engage in new opportunities.

14. We take responsibility for our choices and are not afraid to challenge the status quo

We do not take things at face value, do not copy the crowd and do not act without thought. We choose to think for ourselves. We do our best to research the truth about the things that affect us, so that we make informed choices and give ourselves healthier options.

15. We are Conscious Health Activists engaged in a Conscious Health Revolution

We are the many that will be the change.