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Personal breakthrough workshops for Health Alignment

In 7 specially designed progressive steps, over 7 evenings of interactive 3 hour webinars, you will come to understanding the REAL reason you have your specific symptoms and know what to do to support your built-in healing ability.

This detailed and thorough personal breakthrough programme combines the Bio-Insight™ Body Intelligence course with the Heart Alignment Process™ within a 7 STEP framework, taking you through everything you need to know and do to reclaim your healing power and have a deep and lasting impact on your health.


Live Personal Breakthrough Workshop - 4 Day Emersion Workshop (28 hours)

Online Guided Personal Breakthrough Programme - Guided 7 day programme (7 x 3 hour Modules - 21 hours)

Online Personal Breakthrough Programme - Self-Guided Programme, no time limit (7 x 3 hour Modules - 21 hours)

In this 2 day introduction to the principles and practices of Bio-Insight root-cause-analysis techniques you will finally understand the real reason that you have your symptoms and what is preventing you from returning to health.

You will cover;

  • The intelligent 'ontogenetic' organsation of the Human System
  • The development of the brain and survival systems
  • Survival responses and the hierarchy of survival


In this one day live workshop you will learn and practice a gentle and powerful technique that will facilitate the healing of physical, mental and emotional issues.

Heart Alignment Process works by identifying the PARTS of you that are 'disconnected' from your 'core self' and still holding past incomplete events. These incomplete events leave a PART of you still in that past moment of 'freeze' responding to a threat to survival, never completing and therefor never updating to your present. Heart Alignment Process facilitates the acceptance of these PARTS and their needs and strategies so that they can be fully resources, re-integrated and updated into the present day and your core self.

You will learn how your intelligent survival-self imanages your stress and how you can work with and re-connect the PARTS of you that have been holding 'past pain' and keeping it present.

You will be taken through the steps of Heart Alignment Process, focusing on key areas of your life that you have been stuck

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