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Welcome to IntoAlignment. I’m Sam Thorpe, I specialise in the effects of stress & trauma on the body & mind.

I am so excited to be able to bring my years of experience and training together to create my revolutionary personal breakthrough process
Conscious Health Practice™ which includes my own powerful stress and trauma relief techniques Heart Alignment Process™

I’m here to help you to become the master of your health and happiness. You may be here because you have symptoms or behaviour you would like to change, but let’s face it – you are here, so you must have been doing something right!

It’s my job to help you understand how amazing you really are. Not in a fluffy ‘you need to love yourself’ way (although this can be a side effect of understanding the science of your survival intelligence), but in a practical and evidential way. I am here to help you make sense of your symptoms and behaviour so that you can appreciate how you have been adapting to stress and past experiences, so that you can take control and release old patterns. And when I say old patterns I mean physical, mental or emotional – they are usually linked!

When you can see for yourself that the body doesn’t make mistakes, and you can work out how you have been adapting and creating intelligent biological programmes and sophisticated behavioural strategies, you will know exactly what to do (or stop doing) to facilitate your return to health.

You will be in control of your health and happiness!

For an introduction to Conscious Health Practice™ watch this webinar and go to for dates and booking.

You are more amazing than you realise

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Sam Thorpe