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Welcome to IntoAlignment.

Hi, I am Sam Thorpe, Professional Conscious Health Coach and Master Trainer in CONSCIOUS HEALTH PRACTICE™ and HEART FOCUSED HEALING™.

As international speaker, trainer and creator of the integrative health programme CONSCIOUS HEALTH PRACTICE™ and the stress and trauma relief technique HEART FOCUSED HEALING™, I help people to find the emotional root-cause of physical and psychological illness so they can bring about powerful transformation and self-healing.

sam_thorpe_roundAs a specialist in trauma and the connection between stress and disease, I can help you to become the master of your health by helping you to understand that your body doesn’t make mistakes and that all symptoms are bio-logical responses with a specific purpose and pattern. When you understand the specific triggers and switches of your disease you will be able to take control of your health.

At IntoAlignment we believe that your body is an incredible thing, YOU are incredible and we can help you see for yourself how your intelligent body is giving you clear messages.

Do you want to understand the messages your body is giving you?

We work with you, along side your doctors and health care providers, to help you to working in alignment with your own powerful healing mechanism & emotional guidance system. We can show you how to bring all aspects of your life back IntoAlignment so you can live with vibrant health and happiness.

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What People Say About Us…
“From the first time I met Sam, it was clear she was highly intelligent and compassionate. She is a naturally talented therapist and as I expected, has become a very accomplished, intuitive and resourceful practitioner. I recommend her wholeheartedly.”
Karl Dawson, Creator of Matrix ReImprinting.

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