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Sam Thorpe


Conscious Health Consultant and Master Trainer

I help people to understand why they are stuck and experiencing specific physical, mental or emotional symptoms.

I work closely with individual clients or with groups to lead them into a personal awakening about their state of health. Through careful examination of the body adaptation to stress and past events, we can analyse current biological and behavioural responses so that we can pin-point the specific causes. Using the process of Conscious Health Practice™ each individual can gain a powerful understanding of the intelligence of their body. Then, working with stress and trauma release and integration tools ‘Heart Conscious Healing™ we can process and update old programmes and support the body back to health.

My work extends from training hundreds or workers in places like Thailand and Indonesia in stress and emotional self-regulation tools, to working in Bosnia with sufferers of severe PTSD and trauma, to providing 4 day personal breakthrough workshops, online webinars and training and to working with individuals in highly focused 1:1 discovery and breakthrough sessions.

I am a specialist in a number of areas including:

Heart Rate Variability Coherence Coach and Group Trainer (HeartMathUK)

Master Trainer of Survival Intelligence Root-Cause-Analysis; GNM and META-Health (IMMA)

Master of Clinical NLP, Hypnotherapy & Time Based Techniques (ANLP)

Master Trainer EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques (AMT)

Master Trainer EMOTrance (AMT)

Master Trainer of Meridian Therapies (AMT)

Trainer of Modern Stress Management (AMT)

I am an Advanced Coach/Facilitator/Practitioner in:

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques (AAMET, AMT)

PSYCH-K (Psychological Kinesiology)

Matrix Reimprinting; Matrix Birth Reimprinting (EFTMRA)

EMMETT Techniques Practitioner (ET-UK)

Chinese Health Qigong; Ba Duan Jin & Wu Qin Xi Instructor (CHQA)

Colour Mirrors Colour Therapy

Assemblage Point ReAlignment

Qualified Laughter Yoga Leader

I am also trained in;

Rhythmic Movement Training (Primitive and Developmental Reflex Integration)

TRE Trauma Release Techniques


Reiki Level 2

Quantum Touch Level 2

Clean Language and Metaphor

Z Point


Vic, my husband, is also a professional Energist and comes to Intoalignment with a wealth of experience which combines Third Field (energy field) techniques with Industrial and Business conflict resolution skills to bring about profound personal and organisational transformation.

With a background as a professional trade unionist at international level as well as Executive Director of a major London publishing house prior to the creation of his own company Just Solutions in 2000, Vic’s area of expertise lies in high level mediation, conflict resolution and promoting personal, organisational and social transformations through whole system solutions rather than problem-centred interventions.

Vic specialises in using Third Field methodologies (Qi Gong, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Emotrance, EFT and Matrix Re-Imprinting allied to deep personal future coaching; NLP, PSYCH-K, META-Medicine and Meta-Kinetics) to train and facilitate coherence, non-confrontational social dialogue and systems training with educational, workplace, corporate and governmental applications.

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Both Vic and I are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience with you so that you can bring yourself, your clients and your loved ones back IntoAlignment.

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