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Corporate training

The combined expertise of Vic and Sam gives Intoalignment its unique ability to work with stress and trauma in industry and the corporate world.

Vic’s 40 years experience in industrial relations and labour rights at a global level gives us the strongest foundation to deliver ground breaking workshops and training at all levels of the supply chain, from top management through to the workers on the shop floor.

As well as 1 and 2 days workshops, we develop bespoke integrative industrial packages.  We provide long term solutions for communication and mediation and worker organisation, stress and resilience.

Intoalignment offer training and support for people looking to re-align themselves with a new an more fulfilling career more in alignment with their life-purpose. We work with the best people to provide coaching, practical support, networking and ongoing mentoring for partial or complete career and life change.

Some of our most successful work has been change on a broader scale working with workers and larger workforces. We teach practical stress release and resilience building tools that are easily integrated into a busy work regime. Working closely with management and workers, we facilitate a change that meets the needs of individuals as well as the organisation.

Stress definitely affect performance, it also affects health and quality of life. We provide workshops that teach practical useable skills to manage, release and reframe stress. We help you to identify specific stressors and their impact. We then work on every level, biological, psychological and energetic, to release stress, bring deep change and build resilience.

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