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META Messages From Your Body - Discover the Cause of Disease and Why Your Body Doesn't Make Mistakes

META-Messages From Your Body  touches on my own personal story, including debilitating chronic fatigue, depression, chronic lower back pain, aggression, drug and alcohol abuse.

In the book I briefly share how only a few years ago I was at rock bottom and how, through finding the meridian tapping technique EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Matrix Reimprinting and META-Medicine I transformed my health and my life.

This book is a layperson’s introduction to the amazing principles of META-Medicine. In essence it is a root-cause-analysis tool that connects together the symptoms of physical and psychological dis-ease to the triggers and original survival responses in specific event. These responses can get trapped in the system and the body continues to respond, causing the symptoms of physical, mental and emotional disease.


META-Medicine gives us the evidence to show how the body doesn’t make mistakes. Our system has an innate, intelligent ability to adapt and change to cope with trauma and stress. These changes are very specific and for a very specific purpose. When we know what the purpose of the change is, we can determine the causal event and why we adopted a specific response for our survival. This information, together with the understanding that dis-ease is a process and not a fixed point, means that we can determine where someone is in that process and work out exactly when the dis-ease was triggered. This timeline of events and perceptions can give us the information to unravel how our view of the world can affect our health.

This book is a doorway into the body-mind connection, with real examples of how specific illnesses were caused through trauma and through the perception of specific situations. It explains in detail how we can apply META-Medicine in our own lives to change our health, allowing us to become ‘META-Healthy’.

Although it’s not a ‘self-help’ book as such, in these pages you will find a number of targeted questions and self-help exercises so that you can start to see how your thoughts and beliefs affect your health.

Understanding what was REALLY going on in my body and mind during illness and my lowest times changed my life, and it’s my mission to share this information with you so that it can change yours too.

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